Self Managed Super Funds

Sterling Advice, Sunshine Coast experts in self-managed superannuation funds. A self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF) is your own private superannuation fund that you manage and control. You may have up to 4 members in the fund and both you and your employer can contribute to the fund. There are many benefits to starting your own SMSF. However, it is an onerous responsibility and you should understand your responsibilities before you commence. The main advantages are outlined below:

  • You have control over the fund, including making investments decisions within the fund. This allows you and your financial adviser to tailor an investment strategy that suits your circumstances and risk profile.
  • Having a SMSF gives you a wide range of investment options, such as direct shares and direct property, including property used by your business. In some circumstances, the fund can purchase assets from members of the fund.
  • ┬áIn many cases, particularly for larger amounts of money, a self-managed super fund can be cheaper to run than investing in retail super funds.
  • A SMSF can be tailored to meet your own personal circumstances in relation to estate planning. You can include family members as long as there are no more than four members in the fund.
  • A SMSF can be used as a vehicle to accumulate superannuation benefit whilst employed and can be maintained well into retirement and beyond, particularly where there are other family members in the fund.

Sterling Advice provides a total service to its clients. There are severe penalties for trustees who fail to ensure that a super fund is properly administered. Therefore, it is advisable that, where necessary, you obtain the services of professionals who can assist you in ensuring the compliance of the fund.

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